Elvis moving gifs? Yeah. Ready set go

The first one is of Elvis receiving his 1971 Jaycees Award and it is HISTORICAL as Elvis seldom went in person to receive awards but he was humbled and thankful. Footnote is President Bush (the first one) was there and congratulated Elvis.

The second one is Elvis getting his blood pressure taken for his UR Army induction. He was soooooo sad that  his beloved mother GLadys had been devastated since receiving the notice of induction. Elvis’ last words as he waived goodbye getting on the bus was to look over at his white Lincoln and say “I hope to see you again you shinny S.O.B. (he used the real words. The third one was of Elvis carrying Priscilla over the threshold after being married. Nine months later Lisa Marie was born. The fourth was on vacation circa 1968. The fifth one was in the plane in Las Vegas after getting married. The sixth is Elvis playing in the snow at Graceland in 1967. The last is Elvis being measured at his US Army Induction after his infamous haircut where Elvis said “hair today….gone tomorrow.MOVING GIF JAYCEESMOVING GIF shirtless 1958 blood pressure taking US ArmyMOVING GIF Elvis taking Priscilla over threshold wedding COOLMOVING GIF Elvis with Priscilla water cap instant hug COOOLLLLMOVING GIF Elvis and Priscilla May 1 1967MOVING GIF CHRISTMAS GRACELAND snow 1966MOVING GIF shirtless Army height and neck measurements kinda rare


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