In memory of; Lucy, Fiddy, Silver, and Rocky

Divorce, especially when it involves minor children, should be classified as a “disease of the heart” for it can (and in my case has and forever will) literally shred one’s heart.

I live with the knowledge that mine will never heal but I hope, and pray, that my children’s’ will and that they know just how much they were, and are, loved.

My oldest son recently informed me that my two dogs were “put down”. I never had a chance to say “goodbye” nor to have the opportunity to place them in my home (which I would have in an instant). Hearing this news, and knowing how much my children loved them, has been…overwhelming.

No words can adequately express the range of emotions and the sadness knowing that this did not have to be. The question of “why” is one that I have asked so many times and I am so sorry that my children have been hurt by this and the pets they loved…separated from. Tragic is the word that best sums this up but words do not do justice as they fall…short.

I have opted to remember these wonderful, caring, loving, and unique pets as I last saw them and this video is dedicated to them. Where ever you are – you are missed – you are loved – and we will never forget you.


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