The sadness of Suri by Jeff Schrembs All Rights Reserved

Tom Cruise…don’t know him.

Katie Holmes…don’t know her.

Suri…don’t know her but know enough to acknowledge that she, like all of God’s children, is unique/beautiful and deserving of love and shared time with both of her parents (as every child is).

Divorce is a cruel series of turmoil that (sadly) adversely affects the children initially and throughout their entire lives. The pain that the children endure is…tragic. Even with the best of intentions, of the “circle” surrounding the children, the fact is that the children are torn by; distance, words, inferences, wondering why?, and in their hearts.

Suri it seems will grow up with every advantage (monetarily) imaginable. But what price would she, if she was able, gladly pay to have her Mother and Father reunited by love, healing, and commitment? What would any child pay…if they could?

My heart goes out 24/7 to my own children and they inherit my every waking moment and they are prevelant in my dreams, my hopes, and in my soul.

My heart goes out to every child who is challenged and in a place (geographically, mentally, physically, emotionally, monetarily, etc.) where their needs are not met and/or they are exposed to an environment that is toxic. For every child is an ordained blessing from God and is bestowed with talents that just need to be encouraged and discovered.

While Suri, and children like her, will be caught in the questions (internally and verbally) of “where is Daddy” and/or “where is Mommy?” the reality is that Mommy and Daddy brought these children into this World TOGETHER and Mommy and Daddy should have the right/opportunity to be a consistent and integral part of their children’s lives…EQUALLY. Anything less is a fundamental denial of one’s rights legally and as ordained by God.

I hope that Suri’s parents focus on what is best for Suri now and each day hereafter.

Most of all I hope, and pray for, each child that they be enveloped with nothing but; love, care, joy, peace, good health, long life, understanding, acceptance, stability, and the integral interaction with each of their parents and those who love them.

While Tom Cruise, and Katie Holmes, divorce (and other transient issues) will remain in the press my heart and prayers (as always) will rest with the ones who are truly in need…the children.

Tomorrow is but a forethought as today is all we have. Thus there should be an urgency to ensure that love and healing prevail, in every aspect, when it comes to children.

May their smiles continue to light up our lives and may their spirits be enriched by the knowledge that their lives are blessings and that there is a purpose to their being. May they know, find, and retain love eternally and may their pain be replaced with happiness.

Suri, Tom, Katie I wish you all well but know that I am rooting for Suri and every child like her.

Jeff Schrembs


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