Hitler’s Pawn documentary review by Jeff Schrembs

Nazi Germany.

These words conjure up a plethora of emotions, reactions, images, and thoughts. The reality that true evil bred true discrimination and the killing of millions of innocent people, and devastated millions more and I believe took from the World sacred souls that were among the best in every profession known to man, was able to rise to power and (truly) threaten the World is something that the World should NEVER FORGET…and never allow to be repeated.

From the ashes of the death bestowed upon the Jewish people, by Hitler and the fanatics loyal to him, comes the beautiful redeeming documentary entitled “Hitler’s Pawn” which tells the true story of Margaret Lambert.

The grace, beauty, talents, and integrity of Margaret Lambert is evident in each frame in which she is present as well as in her story as a whole. This documentary moved me for many reasons and I am thankful for having come across it, quite by accident, tonight.

I would encourage others to seek out this documentary, and others like it as well as read books with similar subject matter, and to support those who allow the pains of their lives to be broadcast to the World not for personal gain but because their story is deserving.

The magnificence of the Jewish people, and the brave men who fought and gave their lives to defeat Nazi Germany, should never be forgotten. Should never be “simplified”. Should never be negated.

Their sacrifices, and their lives and their deaths, have benefited every generation afterward and future generations need to know what really happened and not have it “spoon fed” to them with portions of political correctness.

Not all heroes are nationally, or internationally, recognized. Not all heroes seek the limelight. True heroes go about their daily lives focusing on the needs of others while trying to improve the quality of lives of those around them.

In my opinion Margaret Lambert is the best of heroes because she never forgot her family left behind in Germany. She never forgot those who lost their lives to unspeakable horrors just because Jewish blood ran through their veins. She never forgot what she lost and she never forgot who she was regardless of what name she choose to use.

Such fortitude, honor, and grace I pray will not be lost to this generation or those to follow. It is not enough to learn history in compliance with the old adage of “those who know not history are bound to repeat it” but to learn history where it counts the most…in ones heart…in ones soul and in ones passing along the truth of what occurred vowing to not be silent while discrimination – hatred – inflammatory rhetoric – and evil rears it’s ugly head even in corners of the World far removed.

To those who do not stand united against true evil (i.e. philosophically, politically, personally and professionally) do a disservice to themselves and to all of humanity.

If one is not strong enough to recognize, and acknowledge, true evil then one is (sadly and truly) blind. It is documentary’s such as these, even in the timeframe of (approximately) one hour, that lessons can be learned and compassion/understanding can be seeded.

Here is the HBO link: http://www.hbo.com/sports/hitlers-pawn-the-margaret-lambert-story/index.html

Take care and may God bless you.


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