Only in America by J. Schrembs

Only in America can our borders be overrun, 24/7, and the Politicians/President allow it.
Only in America could the “birth” of eight babies, to a “single Mother” who already has 6 children, all of the newborns weighing LESS than 2 pounds be “celebrated” (the single Mother is being celebrated and words like “brave” are being used and she is paraded on all of the Main Street Media shows) and yet the UNBORN CHILD weighing OVER 2 pounds be allowed to be KILLED…without ANY restrictions.
Only in America could the majority be OVER 70% White and yet allow for BLATANT DISCRIMINATION against White Males (i.e. College Admissions, local/state/federal benefits, laws, etc.). Everyone, other than a White Male, is legally defined as a “protected class”. Shouldn’t everyone be treated the same regardless of their skin color OR number of chromosomes?
Only in America could we be in a War, against MUSLIM EXTREMISTS/TERRORISTS, and then the President order the closing of a Prison that affords the “occupants” MORE rights and BETTER living conditions than American Citizens who are incarcerated elsewhere.
Only in America could a person be “half white” and yet be PENALIZED for (honestly) stating, on local/state/federal forms, that they are “white” AND/OR looked upon as “uncool” if they say they are “white”. Basically, anything OTHER than being “white”…is…cool.
Only in America could our schools be OVERWHELMED with children of ILLEGAL ALIENS, who get local/state/federal dollars based upon skin color, and if you state this FACT…you are called Racist…instead of being honest!
Only in America can history be “re-written”, in our Schools, and yet no one knows/realizes that there are ONLY three major “school book publishing company’s” (each have CLOSE ties to Teachers Unions) and their emphasis is NOT on being factually correct OR fairness…but EVERY sentence/paragraph is “gone over” to ensure that ones POINT OF VIEW TRIUMPH’S everything else.
Only in America can American Citizens be LOSING their jobs, primarily due to ILLEGAL ALIENS and/or the influx of FOREIGN IMMIGRANTS on VISAS (which company’s manipulate because they don’t have to pay taxes, benefits, etc.), and the Politicians/President do NOTHING to ensure that American Citizens RIGHTS are ALWAYS enforced.
Only in America could the Census interpret the wording of “counting every person” while DISMISSING the fact that EVERY LAW was written with the UNDERSTANDING that we would (a) enforce our borders and (b) DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS. Thus, we have 20-30 MILLION ILLEGALS who are eligible for deportation.
Only in America could ILLEGAL ALIENS NOT be deported because “they have children” and the Government “must look out for the rights of the children” all the while PROSECUTING/IMPRISONING American Citizens without ANY regard for their children.
Only in America could the Attorney General be in charge of the Prosecution of Terrorists when he has a HISTORY of allowing the PARDON of TERRORISTS and his (most recent) employer is REPRESENTING 16 Gitmo detainees. Conflict of Interest anyone?
Only in America could the President, and his wife, be admitted into one of our Nations BEST Colleges (not because of their grades – which we “average at best”), but (a deciding factor was) the color of their skin, and then NEVER ONCE (a) think about the person who did NOT get into the College because of the color of THEIR skin and/or (b) advocated for that “admission preferences” to be CHANGED so that NO ONE is EVER punished for the color of their skin!
Only in America can a President, who inherited a Country that was ATTACKED on average every 16 months for 8 years, keep our Country SAFE against attacks and be “attacked” for doing so.
Only in America can people CRY/COMPLAIN about MUSLIM TERRORISTS getting (possibly) “wet”, which our own military does to their own staff/enlisted men, and allow for our most VULNERABLE/DEFENSELESS persons (i.e. the unborn child) be KILLED without any restrictions 24/7.
Only in America could an unborn child, capable of LIVING outside the womb, be KILLED and no one ever questions….why?
Only in America can the Supreme Court (recently) RULE that the right to own a Gun is an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT (as set forth in the Constitution) and yet the President, and the Attorney General, (i.e. the two most powerful Politicans in the World – and both have SWORN and Oath to UPHOLD the Constitution), both (individually and collectively) make statements that it is NOT an individuals right to own a gun.
Only in America can an America Citizens’ property be tresspassed upon, by ILLEGAL ALIENS, and then the American Citizen is SUED by the Illegal Aliens!

Only in America could the President say, in reference to being asked “when life begins”, that his answer is “beyond his pay grade” and then NEVER side with the rights of the UNBORN CHILD…ever.
Only in America could ALL of our accomplishments/sacrifices/etc. be MINIMIZED by using the term…racist.
Only in America can the President appoint, and they be confirmed, individuals to HEAD agencies and yet if they applied (directly) for a position (at the same agency) they would be DENIED (i.e. not able to pass a background test, not paying their taxes, etc.).
Only in America can there be, out of the past 8 years, SIX years of growth/expansion/wealth/etc. – and the ONLY thing that changed is that the Congress (i.e. House and Senate) was taken over in 2006 by the “new party”, and IMMEDIATELY after and since the “new party” took over did the Economy/etc. TANK and the “new party” NEVER is held accountable! The “new party”, the ones who ACTUALLY right/pass the laws, is able to “blame” the “old party” and escape (wholly) any critisim…at all!
Only in America could our inner Cities increase their MURDER RATES, year in and year out, and it not be addressed…ever.
Only in America could a Hurricane hit New Orleans, and mistakes were made, and then hit New Orleans again (a few years later) and NO mistakes were made. Yet, the “emphasis” is NOT on the “corrected steps”…but on the previous mistakes. Isn’t it a FUNDAMENTAL POINT that a “true mistake” are the ones that we don’t‘ learn from and keep repeating?
Only in America can we be at War against an entity that teaches, from birth, their children to KILL Christians/Americans/Jewish People and…America be blamed.
Only in America can we be DESTROYED from within…and never stop to ask…are we now?
J. Schrembs, American Citizen


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