Flashback – Elvis trivia questions circa 1997



Do You Know Much About Elvis?

It’s been 20 years since Elvis Presley died. As a musician, The King has the record for most charted singles (114), most Top 10 singles (38) and most weeks in the No. 1 position (80). He also appeared in 33 movies. Here are 12 trivia questions. See how much you know about Elvis.

Question 1
What were the names of Elvis’s mom and dad? Answer

Question 2
What one of these actresses did not appear in an Elvis movie: Barbara Stanwyck, Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara Eden, Hope Lange, Connie Stevens, Carolyn Jones? Answer

Question 3
Elvis had a twin brother who died within six hours of birth. What was his name? Answer

Question 4
Elvis was in 33 films. What was his favorite? Answer

Question 5
Elvis wasn’t a hit with the Grammy committee. How many Grammys did he receive and in what categories? Answer

Question 6
“Blue Suede Shoes” is a popular Elvis song and was a Top 40 hit, but peaked far from No. 1. How high did it go?Answer

Question 7
One actress had a starring role in three Elvis films. Name her and the movie titles. Answer

Question 8
Which one of these actors did not appear in an Elvis movie: Walter Matthau, Gig Young, Burgess Meredith, Buddy Ebsen, Vincent Price?Answer

Question 9
Arthur O’Connell and Jack Albertson appeared in two Elvis films. What actor who was in a number of popular TV shows appeared in “Speedway” and “Clambake”? Answer

Question 10
What Elvis song was the first record to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Country and Western, Rhythm and Blues, and Pop charts all in one week? Answer

Question 11
This actress had minor roles in five Elvis movies. Name her and the films.Answer

Question 12
This actor today demands more than $10 million a film and lives with an Oscar-winning actress. He made his film debut as a child in a 1963 Elvis movie. Name the actor and the film title. Answer


Handful of facts about Elvis Presley and cars

Elvis Presley had a life-long love affair with motor cars. Beginning in the ’50s with Cadillac’s, including the Pink Cadillac that he eventually gave to his mother – probably the most famous car in the world – to a second hand Volkswagen and two BMW 507s in Germany. In the ’60s there were more Cadillac’s, Ford Lincoln’s and a Rolls Royce among many others. In the ’70s, again Elvis purchased Cadillac’s, a Mercedes-Benz 600, even a Ford T-Bird - but his most prized cars of the 1970s were his Stutz Blackhawk’s. Elvis was the first person to own a Stutz Blackhawk, and there can be no doubt his favorite car of the 1970s was his 1973 Stutz Blackhawk III.

Billy Smith: I remember when Elvis got his driver’s license. My daddy was working for Precision Tool. He was making fairly good money, and he had just bought a ’51 Chevrolet, with a sun visor and all. Elvis wanted to borrow it to take his driver’s test, and my daddy let him have it.

When he went to take his test, we all went. Elvis was sitting in the front with Daddy and Vernon. Very seldom did he ever say anything dirty in front of them. But a guy pulled out in front of daddy, and Elvis yelled, ‘Watch where you’re going, you son of a bitch!’ We were all shocked, you know. The car got real quiet. That year, Elvis won the Safe Driving Award at school.

Joe Esposito: Elvis had a lot of cars. The first thing that attracted him was the looks of the car. He didn’t care if it was a $5,000 car or a $50,000 car or what brand it was, although he was very partial to American-made cars. He really liked Cadillac’s and Lincolns, also some Chryslers. We bought a few foreign cars like the Rolls Royce because it was very prestigious and looked great, a Mercedes limousine and a Ferrari, but mostly his cars were American-made. He was very patriotic when it came to that.

If Elvis saw a car he liked in the window, he’d stop and buy it. That was basically it. If the dealership was closed and we knew the owner, we’d call and wake him up. We’d say, ‘Listen, Elvis wants to buy this car’. Naturally the guy would meet us there, because if he didn’t, Elvis would say, ‘Well, we’ll find someplace else’.

In early March, 1955 Elvis bought his first Pink Cadillac.

It was a pink and white 1954 Cadillac and provided transportation for Elvis and the Blue Moon Boys for about three months. The car went up in smoke when a brake lining caught fire, on the road between Hope and Texarkana, Ark. on June 5, 1955. ‘The first car I bought was the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen. It was second hand but I parked it outside my hotel the day I got it and stayed up all night just looking at it. The next day, it caught fire and burned up on the road…’ Elvis Presley


Elvis Presley Humes High picture 1953

WM Humes Class Photo

We invite you to visit www.ElvisCollector.info & Happy New Year 2014

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Elvis Presley & Christmas (album edition)


Elvis Presley.

No matter which name you use 99.9% of the public will know of who you speak.

When it comes to Elvis collecting I have written about the “in’s and out’s” for decades. I encourage you to seek out my blogs and to visit www.ElvisCollector.info. However, when it comes to Elvis and Christmas (his favorite holiday) the two go together like…Elvis and Christmas.

There are a few collectibles, pertaining to Elvis and Christmas, that every collector should have as these were issued during his lifetime (i.e. January 8, 1935 through August 16, 1977).

The first is to own each of his Christmas Albums and by the magic of this blog…here they are.

1957 Elvis ´Christmas album LOC-1035 / usa

us 200                 #1 uk                       #2 germany             #-

This is the original u.s. Christmas album released in November 1957. it is surely the ultimate Elvis package which rca-victor ever produced in the united states. it was only available until October 1959, when the record was released in a single pocket sleeve with a different cover.(see also lpm-1951 pictured below). it´s also the last album released before elvis left for the u.s. army. this album re-entered different charts around the world many times.

1959 Elvis ´Christmas album LPM-1958 / usa

reissue of his 1957 Christmas album with different cover.

Item image 

1970 Elvis ´Christmas album

us                                        #2*** uk                                       #7 germany                              #—–

***billboard Christmas album charts.

In the 1970´s billboard would not note Christmas albums on their hot 200 charts. This album includes 8 songs from his 1957 Christmas album (loc-1035) plus 2 newer recordings. (“if everyday was like Christmas” and ” mama liked the roses” recorded in 1967 and 1969 respectively).  it re-entered the holiday or album charts many times again, in several different countries. IT IS BELIEVED THAT THIS IS ELVIS ´MOST SUCCESSFUL ALBUM (Christmas or otherwise).


1970 Elvis ´ Christmas album cas-2426 / usa (reissue 1975)

reissue on the Pickwick record label by arrangement with rca


1971 Elvis sings the wonderful world of Christmas anl1-1936 / usa (reissue mid 1970´s)

us                           #2***

***holiday album charts

In the 1970´s billboard didn´t include Christmas albums in their regular hot 200 album charts. this album entered the holiday album charts many times in the following years and reached twice #1 in 1972 and 1973 respectively. by 2009 it had sold 3 million copies worldwide.

Elvis recorded this album earlier  in 1971 at rca´s studios in Nashville.

Happy Veterans Day 2013

We, individually and collectively, can never do enough for those who served in the military and do so now.

They, and their family and loved ones, make sacrifices (in public and in private) that we can never fully grasp.

Thus on this day, and each day thereafter, we want to say to the Veterans and their family THANK YOU and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs


Forbes says that Elvis Presley earned 55 million dollars in 2012

Here’s the breakdown according to the magazine Forbes:

1) Michael Jackson, $160  million
2) Elvis, $55 million
3) Charles Schulz, $37 million
4) Liz  Taylor, $25 million
5) Bob Marley, $18 million

MJ was #2 last year,  but two successful Jacko-inspired Cirque du Soleil shows have shot the King of  Pop back to the top.

Besides Liz Taylor’s drop, the rest of the list  contains the usual suspects … Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee … but  there is one notable new name — Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, who died in a  plane crash back in 2012.


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